Deering Bay Yacht & Country Club Membership Application
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Application For Membership

Membership Application Process

  1. The Application for Membership must be completely filled out and signed. If married, both the Applicant and the Spouse must sign the application. Application Fee $150
  2. By signing the application for membership at Deering Bay Yacht & Country Club, you hereby authorize the Membership Department to conduct a background check.
  3. The Application must be submitted with a check for the initiation fee or with the credit card authorization form. The check or credit card will not be charged until the application has been approved.
  4. Reference and background checks will be conducted upon receiving the application. There is a nominal charge for this and processing may vary. The Applicant will be notified of acceptance as soon as the conditions for membership have been met.
  5. Upon notice of acceptance, the Applicant will be scheduled for the required orientation meeting to initiate the Membership and engage in a full introduction to the Club.
  6. Please submit a digital photo to [email protected] or family photos may be taken here at the Club. Please call the Membership Department at 305-964-4049 with questions regarding applications.

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By signing this application for membership at Deering Bay Yacht & Country Club, I hereby authorize Deering Bay Yacht & Country Club, through its representatives, to make inquiry of my financial condition, our family and professional background and specifically authorize them to make inquiry of consumer credit reporting organizations.

The undersigned does hereby acknowledge, accept and understand that I have truthfully and to the best of my ability answered all application questions. If my application for membership is granted, I agree to observe and be bound by the By Laws and Rules and Regulations of Deering Bay Yacht & Country Club in the present form or as may be amended.

I also agree to maintain a current credit card account on file with the Club at all times. Should my account become delinquent, I agree the Club shall have the right to bill such past-due amount to my credit card.

I acknowledge, accept and understand that I am personally liable and responsible for all financial obligations relating to my membership and any of my family members who will be utilizing Deering Bay Yacht & Country Club.

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